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Audio-visual research & development / a constant search for the intersection between form & matter


Album, 2024

MERCURY / in "Shimmering" performed by Synaesthesis

Composition, 2023


Opera, 2022


Installation, 2022


Ballet, 2022

Audio, 2022

AV, 2022

Theatre, 2021

Theatre, 2021

Album, 2021

Single, 2021

Album, 2018

EP, 2018



Maximilian Oprishka is an award winning multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of sound, visual language and new media. 


With an expressed interest in science, futurism and the dilemmas of forward thinking technologies, Maximilian explores these narratives through cinematic sound scores and photo-surrealist visual media. 


With works spanning across a multitude of mediums like multiple full length albums, numerous live performances, installations, scores for film and theatre plus visual works for world renowned clients like Google, Netflix, Lessloss or History Channel, with each new project Maximilian continues to merge and melt various genres to explore and narrate the “tomorrow”.


Interest in design, arts and sound phenomena became second nature in Maximilian’s youth (the Meinheld alias, first double vinyl album in 2012) through a mixture of various music and fine art schools, although, after a chain of curious events Maximilian landed in the department of philosophy for his studies. Not postponing the interest in arts, but while studying the likes of Hegel, Maximilian grew a fascination with the modern tradition of psychoanalyst/societal connoisseurs like Lacan and Foucault - all of whom added to the fuelling interest of society’s dilemmas, but transported to a future-technology realm. 


Whilst the early bird Fume alias experiments began in 2013, not long after graduating the studies of philosophy, in 2015 Maximilian became the co-founder of an interdisciplinary design studio OPDN. 

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